Fast and reliable shoe repair

When it comes to shoes, there’s nothing more annoying than a broken sole or a worn-out heel. But luckily, you don’t have to buy new shoes right away – Quick Home Service is here to help! With our fast and reliable shoe repair service, you no longer have to worry about worn-out shoes. Our experienced shoemakers are ready to solve all your shoe problems, from replacing a sole to repairing a torn seam.

Shoe repair in good hands?

Our advantages - Easy, fast and affordable

At Quick Home Service, we understand that you don’t always have time to go to a shoe repair shop. That’s why we offer a convenient and quick solution: we come to your home! Our professional shoemakers bring all the necessary tools and materials, so we can make the necessary repairs on the spot. And best of all? Our rates are very affordable – so you don’t have to spend a fortune on new shoes.

Ladies’ shoes (heels) €12.50
Gentlemen’s shoes (heels) €15.00

What can we do for you?

Let Quick Home Service repair your shoe and enjoy the benefits:

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