Having clothing dry cleaned

Dry clothes cleaning is a popular way to thoroughly clean clothes that cannot or should not go in the washing machine. Quick Home Services offers a fast and effective chemical clothes cleaning service. Our experienced professionals use advanced technologies and high-quality products to remove even the most stubborn stains and restore your clothes to top condition.

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Professional dry cleaning for different types of clothing

At Quick Home Services, we know that every garment is different and needs special attention. That’s why we offer a wide range of chemical cleaning services for different types of clothing, including delicate fabrics such as silk and wool, and for garments with built-in accessories such as fur, leather or beads.

Our professional cleaning services are not only effective, but also safe for your clothes and for the environment. We use only eco-friendly cleaning agents and techniques to ensure that your garments are not damaged.

Pantaloons €8.95
Colbert €9.95
Gilet €6.95
Raincoat (wash/press) €17.50 from
Jack (wash/press) €15.50 from
Cloak €17.50 from
Gown €12.50 from
Blouse €6.00 from
Skirt €7.50 from
Jumper (sweater, vest) €6.50
Jumper (silk/thick) €8.50
Shirt €3.50
Shirt folded €4.00
Tie €6.25
Scarf €5.75 from
Stola €8.50 from
Bride dress €75.00 from
Dress gown €37.50 from
Vitrages €4.50 per meter
Curtains €5.50 per meter
Ski pants (wash/press) €15.00
Ski jacket (wash/press) €22.50 from
Ski suit (wash/press) €27.50 from
Couch covers €7.50 per piece
Impregnating sofa covers €12.50 per kilo

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