Price list

Here are lists of most of our services and the corresponding prices we can provide you with, do you have any questions about the prices? Or are you looking for a service that is not listed here? Then feel free to contact us!

Blanket/spread, 1 person€17.50 
Blanket/spread, 2 persons€19.50 
Blanket/spread, L.J.€22.50 
Duvets, 1 person€19.50 
Duvets, 2 persons€22.50 
Duvets, L.J.€25.00 
Down duvets€5.00Additional price
Tyk 1 double€35.00 
Tyk 2 person€47.50 
Tyk L.J.€57.50 
Sleeping bag€17.50 
Down sleeping bag€27.50 
Decover €5.00
Fitted sheet €3.75
Sheet €3.50
Pillowcase €1.50
Molton €5.50
Sheet package minima €10.00
Washing/drying/folding €2.50 per kilo
Pantaloons €8.95
Colbert €9.95
Gilet €6.95
Raincoat (wash/press) €17.50 from
Jack (wash/press) €15.50 from
Cloak €17.50 from
Gown €12.50 from
Blouse €6.00 from
Skirt €7.50 from
Jumper (jumper, cardigan) €6.50
Jumper (silk/thick) €8.50
Shirt €3.50
Shirt folded €4.00
Tie €6.25
Scarf €5.75 from
Stola €8.50 from
Bride dress €75.00 from
Gown €37.50 from
Vitrages €4.50 per metre
Curtains €5.50 per metre
Ski trousers (washing/pressing) €15.00
Ski jacket (wash/press) €22.50 from
Ski suit (wash/press) €27.50 from
Bank covers €7.50 per piece
Impregnating sofa covers €12.50 per kilo
Suede jacket €37.50 from
Suede skirt €25.50 from
Suede trousers €28.50
Clothes with suede/leather €27.50
Leather clothing €10.00 additional price
New zipper €13.50 from
Lengthen/shorten €12.50 from
Small recovery €3.50 from
Ladies’ shoes (heels) €12.50
Gentlemen’s shoes (heels) €15.00

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